Machine Cotton Candy

Machine Cotton Candy

    • Actual Size: 2ft 2in Lx2ft 2in Wx3ft H
    • Setup Area: 2ft 2in Lx2ft 2in Wx3ft H
    • Outlets: 1 -15amps
    • Age Group: All
    • Attendants: 1

    • $70.00
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Make your own cotton candy for your party.  Delight both children and adults with any of the five flavors of this light and fluffy confection.  Includes servings for 50. (1ft long cotton candy cones, one box of flossugar, and a metal stand, which holds 8 cotton candy cones). Flavors consist of Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum, Grape, Green Apple, and Pink Vanilla

Without a moonwalk rental, we will travel up to 20 miles to deliver any concession.  A delivery fee of $50 will be added to any order that is less than $110.

Cotton Candy Blue Raspberry  Cotton Candy Bubblegum  Cotton Candy Grape 1  
Blue Raspberry          Bubblegum                   Grape

            Cotton Candy Green Apple  Cotton Candy Pink Vanilla

                   Green Apple              Pink Vanilla

Operate Machine 1        Operate Machine 2
Rotate cone in a clockwise          Make sure you keep the cone 
or counter clockwise direction     close to the netting while
around white tub while rotating   rotating. This allows you to 
cone at the same time in your     pick up the flossugar.

Operate Machine 3    
You can make your cone as                Fun for all ages!
big or as small as you would
like.  Do not touch the cotton
candy on the cone to any of 
the parts in the middle of the

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